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969 mob attacking Muslims properties across Oak Kan Township

Buddhist extremist group 969 delivered speech at “Mattayar Kyaung” Monastery on 19th and 20th April and at Wut Kyaung Monastery on 21st April. Anti-Muslims leaflets were distributed at “Pha Yarr Gyi Kyaung” Monastery after water festival. [...]

Hate-Speech against the Religion propagated at Sermons in Pha-An, Karen State

April 23rd, 2013  -  (Zwe-ka-pin Thar) M-Media   Religious Sermons were delivered by the Monk U Wirathu in the evenings from 7 to 9 pm for three consecutive nights from the 20th to 22nd of April [...]

Urgent Action Needed to Save Muslims in Burma from Pre-Planned Violence.

On 20th March 2013 at 10am, a Buddhist couple from Meiktila Township entered a gold shop to try and sell some fake gold and started to threaten and abuse the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper, who tried to [...]

Meiktila violence – Interview with the person flee from “AunZayYa Block”, Meiktila, Myanmar

Mandalay (22-3-2013) We flee from Meiktila at yesterday about 9:30 am by driving car among the crowd of people where Min Ko Naing who is the 88 generation Student group leader was giving speech to the [...]

Confirmed List of people died from “Heymaryatwol Islamic School” at Mingalarzayyon, Meitthilar Township, Myanmar

28 Islamic scholarly students including Hafiz Mohammad Ahtisham (son of Hazarat Mawlana Hafiz Nurulhak) were died. Four islamic school teachers 1) Mawlana Mohammad Shafi (45 years old) 2)Mawlana Zakariya (40 years old) 3)Mufti Wajib (30 years [...]

A Buddhist group named 969 destroyed Muslims’ shops in Meitthilar ,Myanmar.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 at , members of he Buddhist Extremist Group (969) destroyed the shop houses at Meitthilar Township Myanmar after the shop refused to buy the fake gold. The riot started after a couple [...]

About 300 Buddhist extremist attacked and demolished a Muslims religious school in outskirt Yangon

It is not strange in Burma that police and authorities are reluctant to prevent Buddhist extremist from demolishing Muslims religious premises. Besides, bias Burmese Medias is also busy as usual labeling the incidents to justify the crime that [...]

Detained Rohingyas in Buthidaung Prison tortured and abused

QS Madani RB News 10.2.2013   (Translated into English by Aye Aye Mar)    After the violent crisis of Arakan State led by extremist Rakhine Buddhists in June, 2012, the innocent Rohingya Muslims young and old [...]

KIO Central Committee Statement

STATEMENT Clashes between the KIO and the Tatmadaw are continuing is some areas. The reason the KIO is not publicizing battle news in order not to heighten unnecessary tensions. But we see that the Information Department [...]